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The action is an intricate mechanism made from wood, felt, leather and metals. Its function is to take the energy of the key when depressed by the player into vibrations in the strings.

In order for the pianist to achieve satisfying results in playing the subtle nuances in music, the action must be in complete synchronization. This requires very close inspection of all action parts and a fine regulation of the mechanism by the technician.

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New Hammers, Shanks & Flanges, Wippens, Dampers (felt) have been installed.

We specialize in replacing Keybushing Cloth and Key Taps.

We use Steinway and Renner piano parts.


Action Mechanism

1. damper wire 10. wippen
2. damper 11. repetition spring
3. string 12. capstan screw
4. repetition lever 13. jack
5. knuckle 14. toe
6. underlever 15. let-off button
7. tab 16. hammer
8. backcheck 17. hammer shank & flange
9. hammer shank cushion    
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